Fachwerk WIP


this is my first post, so hi everyone :). I’ve been working on this house for quite some time. Tried out now stuff, new lighting, things about grass etc. Just added an alphatex tree. Doesn’t really fit in, though. My plan is to make a small path on the plane via weightpaint and texture paint and to attach more details to the house. Considering the amount of time I spent onto it it looks pretty barren plus I’m not sure if the relations in size are OK. I like the slightly lonesome feeling it has got right now, though.
Anyway, heres the link: http://a.imagehost.org/0005/fachwerktree.jpg

Nice job. I like the rock textures.
I think the tree fits the scene nicely.
The grass scale is WAY to big. (unless the house is supposed to be really small)
If you’re looking to put a real 3D tree in the scene check out arbaro. It’s open source (free) and works pretty good.

Hey welcome to the forums!! I think that the tree is nice as well. And the grass is a little tall. The boulders could be scaled down a little maybe, it makes the house look really small. But really good! Great job!

Thanks for the kind words. I’ve been fiddling and tinkering around a bit. I downloaded arbaro but didn’t have POVRAY for improt/export so I searched and found Gen3. So here’s the latest update. The trees are fitting in more nicely, speaking of colors. I tried to make the grass a bit shorter as well. I’m gonna try and make the stones a bit smaller, too.
Crit to myself: A bit dark to the right; tree is occluding the entrance. Other than that, gen3 rocks. :slight_smile:


Now, here goes:

Looks pretty cool man but the grass is too high (compared with the windows) but that’s okay because the house looks comic-like anyways. It also has the same length everywhere and it is too thick on it’s top - me thinks :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job so far

Nice work!
I really like the house. Although you may want to “dirty” up the white plaster a little (just a thought). I personally like the grass. I would scale up the trees a little and say it’s a Gnomes house :stuck_out_tongue:

looking good. Just as a side note, arbaro, can also export .obj files. You can change it in the setup. But looks like gen 3 works just as well.


And another small one done in Yafray:

Both are kitsch in its purest sense. I like and loath them at the same rate anyhow. Hope you enjoy them, though. :slight_smile: