Facial Anatomy Studies

I’m just getting started with making humans after using Blender for 2 years.:stuck_out_tongue: Here I’ll be posting all of my human face sculpts. At first, I’ll be following along with the tutorials of Doris Fiebig on Sculpt Cookie, but then I’ll be doing it on my own. I’m hoping to get some quality feedback here.:wink: So, without further ado, here’s my first head sculpt:

The proportions are pretty wacky, I know.:stuck_out_tongue: Here’s a nose:

Don’t let all of the noses fool you, it really is just a male nose. I duplicated it a bunch to get some different angles.:slight_smile: Well, I’m going to go back into my lair to continue my inhumane tests, er, my sculpting.:o But don’t worry, I’ll be back. Oh yes, I’ll be back:evilgrin:

Here’s a mouth. My mouth. Literally, my mouth:

Don’t be too disturbed by the chin.

I really like the idea of doing face parts on a cube :slight_smile:

It’s pretty easy too.:slight_smile:

Been a little while since my last post, but I’m still here. Here’s a quick sculpt of a head.

My proportions are so off.XD Any feedback is most certainly welcome.:slight_smile:

Another head.

I guess the proportions are less crazy than before.:stuck_out_tongue: C&C most certainly welcome.:slight_smile:

The last couple weeks have been pretty crazy for me, so I haven’t had much time to do any sculpting. At most an hour per day. Anyhow, I finally managed to finish up another head:

I’m not really sure about the profile of this one, it doesn’t seem very strong. Well, that’s what I’ve been up to!:smiley:

awesome stuff your latest pictures look way better.
i think anatomy is a great way to become a better 3d artist i am also working on it.
a tip from me is when you are sculpting do not only search for blender tutorials or blender forums.
look for Zbrush and mudbox as well even non digital sculpting can help you in various ways.

Looking good, seeing some progress with the latest update!

Thanks! I generally try not to search for only Blender tutorials, it opens up a world of new content.:wink: