Facial animation using curves

Hello. I’ve got an idea about using a curve instead of bones to animate part of a face. It’s a bit like using hooks, however, the problem with hooks is that it’s all or nothing, i.e. there’s no way to establish a fade-off as there is with weight-painting. What I’m thinking of would involve using the curve itself as a bone.

Is this possible? If so, how would I implement it?


Untrue… you can adjust the falloff in the Hook modifier that gets created when you add the hook.

I tried that, and the results were unsatisfactory, to say the least. The right level of falloff is hard to get, and going into edit mode and moving the vertices has no effect on the mesh.

I guess what I’m trying to aim for is a curve with four or more points, each of which would act as a bone. Is that possible?

I would assign the points on the curve to bones positioned on the face that have proper weight painting. The bones would have look to constraints to the points on the curve.