[Facial animation] - want to help me make a face rig using a scanned actor's face?

Hey Blender family

I’m looking to bring to life one of these scans using a similar technique to the one used here. I’d love to see how an experienced character artist (or similar) would handle this challenge.

I’d provide some retopologised and cleaned scans for you to bring to life, simply record your work explaining what you’re doing and why. At the end I hope to have a better understanding of the caveats to lifelike animation and especially the Blender workflow.

I’d expect no more than four hours to go toward this task. That might not mean a finished rig or a perfect rig but that’s not the entire point of this exercise. So name your price :slight_smile: and attach any examples of similar character rigging you’ve done.

All discussion welcomed


Thanks Hayden, what timezone are you in? I can DM you on Skype :smile:

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