Facial Animation.

This will be my first real attempt to do facial animation. I have almost completed the book on character animation with Blender. I will post my progress… Maybe in the hope of anyone telling me tips and tricks as I go trough the process.
Here is the Mesh that I will use. For this exercise I will use the face only. :wink:

I am happy with the textures. and I ha happy with the way the mesh deforms. It may not be 100% yet… I have started creating the Shape keys.

Right I Wi;; use this version for the facial animation

The face looks good from what I can see! But I would Idealy need to see the wires to tell you if there might be any hickups in animation!

Good practice is to have nice mesh loops for facial animation!

How are you planning to rig the face? are you just going to use Sliders! or are you going to setup some drivers? I only ask, as from past experience its alot easier to animate a face using well setup drivers than it is with sliders!

Here are some links to what im working, should help you!:
Rig Two “Face rig at 3/4 through + Animation”
Rig One “Face at start”
Emotions Test “from rig two”

I would recommend you dissect the “Generi For Blender” rig it has great facial animation drivers and has all the shapes needed for pro level animation, so you wont miss any!

Hey thanks… I will be sure to go through the links… I will post a link to the blend file.
Well to be honest I have not done facial animation before… So I am still figuring it out.
Here is what I have done next now.http://1330434012701261926-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites.googlegroups.com/site/1regardvermeulen/blender-3d/current-projects/facial-animation/Mouthshapes.jpg?attredirects=0&auth=ANoY7cpu8fuhbh_PyzrA4L3eKbqHdeERNR-eh85F9JaHPpl5n11vIsWXXCjK-0JRgDxCAcDOZeMHbmuZjmW1Hwc6Y6HI1udzuJKmSv07YjfRooE6_jeoNYFu7G8RR7gnq__8ooFO1Hmdiq_hlmxRCzlqbIZQfscsX_9OiewMTJQvg5ui1fo4nwAj0Nco-XmFYp6drL_xWN2HEpQR9Q9nNlKYxSRBvU_C9WiQ9TpKxpJkaTRIiJxhNl5eZVVu0vQ7z6vfEIK5_p0xtQVZ-uGq-GZOY3QXrbORgQ%3D%3D
I have made some basic mouth…Shape keys.

Those videos are quite amazing. I still have so much to learn … the mesh for the face I made can be found here.

It is the file of 29 April Shapekeys the other file is Captain Blender a Character the first one. I built. But I will have to do at least twice more before it is all clear. I still struggle a bit to get my head around the whole structure. I bought the mancandy dvd… and that is really helpfull…

I would really like to be able to build characters Like you do. I set out to become a pro Blender. and I still have a long long way to go.