facial/body morpher

(kos) #1

hi people…i am working on a T-REX project right now.so i thought of writing some py-code to enhance the animation…and i think i came out with something that can be very nice.call it facial or body-morpher.what it does is that the vertices of a mesh are affected by a outer empty(one or more) in such a way that as if they were parented to it.the empty affects the vertices up to some certain range which can be changed.this works quite same like REL keys but with more control.just animate the empty and there you are.though my script is on its very first stage and the empty affects only one vertex i think i can make it as i mentioned above.anybody want to give some more advice to enhance it please reply.

(sten) #2

very cool idea and I hope you will make it !!!

All luck to you !! :smiley:

(S68) #3

Hey kos!

It’s a long time we hear of your T-Rex project, why don’t let us see some WIP stills?

Good luck with anim


(kos) #4

you will see the textured trex very soon…sometime around late next week or so.i will be a bit away from home for a couple of days.and in between if i finish the UV-mapping then i will publish some UV-mapped(numbers only…no textures) t-rex images on my webpage and inform you.