Facial Modelling

Hello everyone,

2nd time poster here. I have been studying Blender for about 9 months and now I have come to the point where I am wanting to learn topology and modeling. I have been attempting to make human faces for a while with somewhat poor or decent results. I’d like to upload some pics of attempts I have made at this and I would welcome any advice that would help me with technique.


I have been reading the previous post about modeling and I find it to be quite interesting. I think my most problematic part is noses. I just am not sure how exactly to make them using correct topology.


Here is good website reference.

Here are something about basics. May help you.


Ciao :wink:

Thanks a ton guys these sites are good, but I’m still not understanding exactly the techniques used. It would be quite helpful to see exactly how the nose and lips are formed with the basic topology,

I have actually read and reread this site many times. I even have the PDF version on my ereader of this invaluable resource of sub-D modeling.