Facial render

After being inspired by seeing some game facial animation, I made my own. The modeling and texturing were done by me (with the exception of most of the eye texture.)
Enjoy! :slight_smile:
(And how did I do?)

The blog post for this can be found here on my blog:

Subsurf is needed. Other than that, pretty good.

I like the subtly exaggerated facial features- they lend themselves well to the animation, which is quite good for a short initial test. Each expression was clearly identifiable, too. Only thing is, like mentioned, the model needs a subdivision surface modifier to smooth out the sharp angles.

Thanks for the feedback guys! Yeah, the edges are a bit choppy, not bad in a video game but not good for animations. The only thing is I think I tried subsurf and because I had tris in there it made the thing look weird. Maybe next head I make I’ll get the topology right :wink:

Yes, topology is key to good animations.