Facial Rig Tutorial Series

This is a series detailing some simple methods to use when creating a facial rig. This rig uses both bone deformations and shape keys. The goal of this series is to create a facial rig that is easy to animate, easy to rig and to get the best of both worlds by using both bones and shape keys.

Part One: Setup

Part Two: Easy Eye Rig

Part Three: Eyelids and Cheek Deformations

Part Four: Easy Eyelid and Cheek Controls

Part Five: Custom Bone Shapes

Part Six: Custom Bone Properties and Drivers

Part Seven: Jaw Rig

Part Eight: Lip Rigging with Shape Keys and Drivers

Thanks for watching. Good luck!


Wow! thank you I really needed something like this. :laughing::+1:

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Great tutorial. Waiting new tutorials for advanced rigging! :slight_smile:

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Hey @DanPro, are this tutorials still relevant for Blender 2.8?