Facial rig

Where can I find tutorial/sample .blend file for simple facial rig?
I need to rig a face to use in my game and all I need is to control jaw, mouth (lips), cheeks, eye brows, eye lids, eyes.
Thank you.

You can download BlenRig at www.jpbouza.com.ar. The facial controllers are in layers 4 and 5.

Hope it helps.

Thanks, I will look into it.

Facial controllers aren’t in the one I downloaded. What gives?

are you looking in the correct BONE layers?

you could also take a look at my rig, not trying to lure you away from the excellent blenrig jpbouza made, pardon me, but it also has a facial rig.
it’s in BONE layer 2.
bone layers are different from regular layers. go into edit or pose mode with a button panel opened. You’ll find them.