"Facinator"-like Plugin for Blender - IS THIS POSSIBLE? I think so...

In essence, I want this:

Right now I’m just trying to figure out if it’s doable. If so, we’ll go from there.


Disney’s Paperman started this thought off. But what if you take it a step further?

For each (Let’s say 15) 15 degrees you rotated or rotated around your character/scene, Blender would load up a drawing you did of that angle! So in essence you have a fully 3D, 2D character :eyebrowlift:


Of course this would be in an Orthographic view. The UV offset modifier does a decent job but could the process be in any way more automated? (maybe a UI or snapping function so you won’t have to scroll through hunting for the angle?) I’m thinking the camera would have to be locked in place. Or could you make it so the view of the camera would determine which angle you saw? Is this impossible? Would the size of the texture maps crash Blender? Could it be connected to react to the rotation of an armature?


For those who spend a lot of time watching animation, there are line qualities just not achievable with 3D renders. And there is speed in 3D unmatched in 2D animation. Just trying to get the best of both worlds in a slightly different way.

Your Comments and Thoughts are Welcome! Thanks!