Facing a small problem 249b <> 269

File created in older version.
Matarial packed

Toon shading shadeLess

File is attached( Legs of my character ). Open the same file in 249b and render, and now open the same file in 269 and see the render.

1st Image Rendered with Blender.269
2nd Image Rendered with Blender.249b
what is wrong I have done?


err.blend (557 KB)

please help

Blender 2.49 is years old compared to 2.69, with all the changes that have happened, things that work between them is often lucky, not always expected.

You really should alter the 2.69 materials in 2.69 to get the results you want.

Could be one of the hundred or so workflow changes that happened between 2.49 (dear lord, why?) and 2.69. Check color management.

Check AO settings?? Looks like some scene lighting maybe…

Just took a look at your .blend, had to go install 2.69 and fix my PYTHONPATH to get it to run… (I’ve been using 2.62) If you go to your node setup for your material, and connect your normal node to the lower one instead of the upper one, it works. I would have to look at your nodes and stuff, but this may be a bug in 2.69, or it may be expected behavior if those inputs have priority over each other somehow…

That should fix your problem though.


Woops, sorry for so many posts, just looked at the blend in 2.49, I guess you had the normal connected to BOTH normal inputs. Somehow one is just not connected in 2.69. Moving it to the bottom made it look closer (since the whole thing wasn’t highlighted) but if you just reconnect that missing one, it looks fine in 2.69.

Start over. You’ll spend 10x more time trying to fix this as you would just making it again in 2.69