Facing issue for Executing the alembic import code in Blender Bacground mode.

Hi guys,

I wrote a 20 line code for blender pipeline.
Querying the abc files in path, setting up light and render setting, importing alembic, saving file, these are the steps i coded. I am trying to run it in Blender background mode on Linux-Terminal.

blender --background --python path to my .py script file

The code runs without any problem. its query the path, set the lights and save the file. The only issue i am facing is the code for importing alembic files. Blender skips the alembic import code and save the file.

The code works inside Blender python console very well, but thorugh Linux background Terminal mode does not work.

I tried with multiple ways to solve the issue. But unable to fix it. Now it feels like giving up…

Guys, I need your help now.

Codes are below in very sort.

file path

import os
import bpy

filePath = “/home/etc/etc”

setting up light and render setting

bpy.context.scene.render.filePath = newRenderPath
bpy.data.worlds[ “World”],light_settings.use_environment_light = True
frame.start = 1
frame,.end = 50

importing almebic .abc files from filePath

bpy.ops.wm.alembic_import(filepath = “/home/user/house_v01_x01.abc”)

#saving the file
savePAth = “/home/etc/housev01.blend”
bpy.ops.wm.save_as_mainfile(filepath = savePath)

Thank You