Facing the direction it's moving, hmm?

Hey! I’ve had enough of turning the direction of everything I’m moving (such as rockets, etc) and was wondering if there is any constraint or a trick to make whatever I’m moving always face it’s direction. would save insane amount of time :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know about facing its own direction, but you can use the Track To constraint to face the direction of an object right in front of it. In other words, if you animate a rocket along a path, you could add a small cube animated along the path as well but slightly ahead of the rocket. The rocket would then point to the cube through the Track To constraint. Does that make sense? More even, every time you want, you can change the direction the rocket is pointing to by changing the cube’s position.

hmmm I made a distance constraint and made the exact same thing you’re saying, just that the cube was behind the rocket and I made it face the opposite way, but the distance thing got O.o little bit fucked up I’d say the distance locked it in a “static” position under the rocket and wouldnt move at all :(… oh well will try to copy the path of the rocket and make the cube stay ahead of it :wink: will probably help:D

In alternative you can check the Follow option under the Path Animation tab in the curve settings (your path). This of course in 2.5x, don’t know if 2.4x allows for this.

path animation tab? please tell more!

meh forgot to say which version I use, I use 2.53 beta :slight_smile:

In 2.53 you just need to select your path (the bezier curve) and click the Object Data button in the header of the Properties window. There you have a few tabs: Shape, Geometry and finally Path Animation. :slight_smile:

There must be some other thing. really, I am not sure if you can see it but, no bird is flying sideways or backwards, the model is changing it’s direction to the movement’s direction. :frowning: me no like odd things!

So there are no paths in this case, is that url made by you? If you’re using particle systems than you might have to consider other possibilities. Do you wish to control the movement direction of every single bird?