Facing the Homeworld - I wouls like sugestions please...

(First post on blenderartist :))

Hello, this is my best, for now, piece of work wich I consider finished, (through it could be greatly be improved). I post it in this forum because I don’t plan on re-working on it now.

Its not very good compared to the incredible artwork displayed here…

Oh, and the character in the scene is Ludwig, thanks to Jason Pierce for the rig and mesh!


Thats pretty good, except lighting could use quite some work. Rest is great really :slight_smile:

Planet looks pretty nice. The ship interior could use some more work though. Keep at it. And welcome to ba org

Good concept, but I agree with guys, the lighting and texturing inside the ship need some work.

For the lightning, what is wrong exactly and how I could try to fix it? And for the detailling, Does anyone have an idea of what I could add to the scene?

Thanks by advance for helping me!

Actually… The lighting might be Ok. .but… it lacks textures… the floor is just flat gray. Yes i know such floors do exist… but it looks bit boring. Maybe rough it up a bit.

Ok, thanks for pointing it!

What I can suggest is not to add some extra to the picture, but add soome compliexity to it. You can create it your self or get a texture from the net. Look for something that looks like a lot of wires and lines come together or something. Then you dont really use the color of it but just normal bump (if you know what I mean). What I did once is took a pictire of a broken mother board from a PC (only more complicated part) then used it as a texture. You can multiply the texture a few time if you want to.

Then add some more small lights around the ship and simulate a reflection from all those lights all over the place - that will create a very nice scene.

Hope I can help buddy.
Take care