Facing the ruins, Digital Transfer, Coloration


Long after the last of the people left the monolithic buildings of the ruined city the slowly decaying statue of their cheif horned deity watches as the city falls ever slowly towards a deeper demise.

Blender 2.42.

Okay since I only posted the above image a few hours ago and have another one I like done I’ll post it in this thread.


made using 3 layers, the first layer with the computer and table, the second layer a mask, the third layer shows the numbers according to the mask color values. Made in 2.42 and the compositor.

Hmm, no replies, or is no one interested?

Anyway, another image to avoid more topics in this forum.


My latest abstract work, rendering a cylinder of thousands of little glass like panes with some of them reflective took over 3 hours to render. Anyway the result is nice and colorful.

Wow! That is really good work! All of them are just great.

The first picture almost has no crits. Just great. The only suggestion I have that might make it better is: Move the camera a bit away from the “face”, and try to make the background blend better with the forground.

The second picture needs some lighting, better textures, and a more like… “morph” effect on the computer instead of just a fade.

The third is a great abstract image, but it lacks color. Abstract images always have to have allot of colors, because the focus of the image is colors and… something strange. You have the something strange, but a few more gradients, lights, etc… and it would rock!

Something you might try is take #3 and particlize it instead of having those quads.

Keep up the good work!

yearh some cool images there :smiley: very smooth and nice :smiley: thumps up!
I really like the first and the last! :smiley: there really good. The Digital Transfer is too colorfull… you know… nice renders anyway :D:D:D:D:D:D