Factory line filling liquid

I wonder if I had to set one big domain to liquid fill al the bottles in this factory line setup.

lopendeband-assembly-line3.blend (3.2 MB)

I think you would simulate one bottle getting filled with a small domain.
Then you bake the simulation and save it as one of the cache types (openVDB?)
Then you import the chache multiple times and offset the caches time.

Thanks but I have set an array for the bottles.
The domain is now automatically very big.
Should I shrink it down to a one bottle format ?
Thanks sofar.

Now my inflow is not working anymore.
What happend?

lopendeband-assembly-line4.blend (3.2 MB)

Okay I had to add fluid to the cylinder and set the surface thickness to 0.9 but I still can get it not nice filled, free all and bake all.
lot off try and error.

Maybe somebody want to help me in the right direction?

Are you making a still image or an animation?

You should probably make the domain about the size of a bottle. Perhaps use a low poly model of the bottle for the sim.

I would check youtube. There are lots of tutorials for filling cups. This should work for bottles as well.

It is for a short animation as sample.
I have followed youtube tutorials

Maybe i have to write a good video tutorial myself it is not as easy as should be.
Liquid fluid.

So if i understand correctly the sim is only meeded when the liquid goes into the bottle. After that it behaves like a static object which could be parented to the bottle, right?

Or does the liquid meed to be simulated while moving with the bottle? But then making the bottles an array would not make any sense.

It is really hard to tell because it is not clear what exactly you want to do.

I just want to show how the bottles will be filled.
Its a production line thats all.
Should not be this hard.
Actually the liquid are shampoos, three long nozzles which fill the bottle at ones.
Just want to show how the process works.
I thought it could be made with blender but did not now this was so hard. Sorry

Think its better to show the filling just by increasing the level height from the bottle.

I think what @Lumpengnom is trying to explain to you is that you just need to simulate one bottle getting filled. Therefore you need a small domain around the bottle. Once you bake your sim, you can load it as Alembic (not sure which format is better) and place them related to the location of each bottle and then parent them so it follows the bottles.

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Okay thanks
Unfortunateky I can’t get it work.
Then I’ll try something else.

How can I get the fluid smaller now it flows outside past the bottle?
Ok I fixed that by making the nozzle smaller (lightfloor)
But how can I set the level and the speed. To fill the whole bottle

bottlesim.blend (943.6 KB)

I think Blender simulations usually work best if you increase the scale. Make everything much bigger. Do the simulation for one bottle getting filled. Bake it and export is as an alembic file. Now you can import the alembic file as many times as you like. You can also offset the animation time and change the scale if you wish.

Sorry but i have made the bottle 3x the size of the default cube! In the last screenshot.
I am making it for one bottle then. Good idea.
I gave added the file so you can see

Unfortunately is the alembic file 615 mb !!

Why not fake the whole thing?

Bottle Fill.

This is just using booleans, and some displacement to move the top of the fluid.

lopendeband-assembly-line-FAKED.blend (3.6 MB)


Yes that is fine for me.

I wonder how we can render that because when hiding the boolean nothing happens.
Sorry for my question just asking

I am trying to understand the use of the booleans
But i don 't. I thought booleans where used to cut out an object with another object or intersect.
It looks awesome but i don not understand how.

Turn off Visible In Renders for the Boolean objects.

Disable Renders

Boolean animations are not used on high polygon meshes because it is too slow.
But for a simple animation like mine - it is good.
Both booleans are used to make a different mesh appear and seem to grow. It could be done with shapkeys or GN, but that is too much complexity for a simple result.

The Fill Bool object has the animation on it to make the fluid move. It uses a displacement modifier. The empty moving across the scene moves the displacement so it looks more like water.

To make copies work you will need to remove the keyframes on X and Y locations And then add new Keyframes for the new timing. Do this in the same panel in the image above where Render visibility is turned off.
Then select the copied Boolen objects and move their keyframes (g to grab) to a new location on the timeline.

Take the time to set up a basic scene with primitives and practice boolean animation.

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