Factory WIP (Finished!)

Hi all!

This is my next project which I figured out I wanted to do. I’m almost sure that someone has done this before me and I know that it isn’t really original but I still thought it would be fun to do.


My thought is to make a factory in the background out of which it comes a lot of smoke and blocks the sun for the little flower in the forground.

After one day of work, this is what I’ve come up with (step by step):


Looking good. Now it just needs some good materials. :slight_smile:

thank you, yep I’m gonna go for some nice materials on this one - which is the part I’m most afraid of since I’m not very experienced with texturing… :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the composition of the shot and the camera angle.

Looking forward to the texturing.

I too like the camera angle, it gives the shot an ominous vibe.

Hi again!

Thank you for your comments, just don’t look forward to the texturing to much ; )

I’ve done some tests of the smoke which is to come out of the chimneys. (Some bug-editing is done in GIMP though not very big ones). I think that the first test looks as the better one since it is made with particles rather then placed out by hand as the second test is… big thanks to Francois Grassard for his tutorial on smoke in blender!

I don’t think I’ll show the smoke in any future updates until the final picture since it takes forever to render…

Also have added a brick texture to the big chimney, thanks to the built in brick pattern in the texture nodes that went fairly quick : )

Test 1 (please don’t look at the rest of the picture since this was only a test for the smoke…)

Test 2

This is already looking great.
Though I should get rid of the grass and make the background dark, this would give your render a dark and evil mood. The flower will stand out more then.

Just my advice, keep up the good work!

thank you meemio! Yea I’m going to put some dark evil clouds in the background soon to make the picture darker and I’ll try to do something with the grass, maybe clump them together in little groups or something but I still want a little grass atleast around the flower.

Ok! The texturing step went easier than I had expected and I’ve already finished texturing the big building in the background. C&C are welcome : )

In my opinion, you should remove the grass and replace it with one little flower.
But anyway the factory looks really good.


@ ubuntu: Yea that was my idea all along to have a little flower there and I’ve now decided to remove the grass and instead make that part of the pic into a parking lot and let the flower come out of a crack in the asphalt. : )

And I’ve now finished texturing the factory and the little house next to it. I’ve also added a dark sky to the picture. I know the sun is shining a bit to bright in the final picture and I’ll change that until my next update.

Much better :slight_smile: But Now the sun isn’t anymore behind the factory. And the roof is strange. I would make it roofing felt. And I would make some of the windows enlighted with a yellowish light. BTW: Don’t you think that street-lights would come good? They don’t necessarily need to be switched on. But they miss a little bit.


I don’t know if hiding the sun behind the factory is a good idea…I would place it on the left side or something like that, you would be able to have more control of the overall lighting.
anyway that some nice texturing for someone not really experienced like you said :slight_smile:

I really dig the smoke stacks up top. Nice used-and-weathered metal look. Very cool.

@ ubuntu: Well I really like your idea with the streetlights! so I’ve added some in the final picture but for the roof I don’t really care so much about it since it wont be shown from the angle of the shot and also the sun don’t have to be totally behind the factory to cut of the light for the flower.

@ stouckol: I can’t really move the sun more to the left without giving the flower a bit of sunlight so I think it’ll stay where it is now. Otherwise thank you, I really am a beginner when it comes to texturing and I try to avoid it as far as I can : )

@ jozizo: Thank you : )

But ok! I can now call the picture finished! I’ve got the feeling I wanted and I don’t really think that the picture needs anymore added to it so here it is : )


Wow! This looks really good. Some kind of trash, like an old newspaper or a coca cola can or an old screw would be the dot on the i. And a bit more bump for the tarmac-texture would be nice.
I would make the middle of the flower’s bloom yellow.
Maybe, you should make the edges of the flower’s bloom a bit brown, so it will look like the flower has a disease.


You’ve got some good ideas there ubuntu! If I choose to continue the project I’ll see what I can do but that would really add something to the picture and make it look more detailed.

It’s just a matter of my will to keep going (which I’m afraid isn’t very good :P)

I like the camera angle. Not the normal ‘flat horizontal view looking up.’ I like the slant to the camera looking up.

Man, really nice job. You actually just proved me wrong.

I am still learning the basics, and my friend advised me to model a building. I said “it’s just a big square, that would be too easy.” Obviously I was sorely mistaken. The attention to detail is really awesome on this project. Great job, and inspiring to boot.

Thank you for your comment jozizo : )

The difficulity depends on which kind of building you’re gonna do, the building in the background weren’t really that hard to do and took no more than half an hour to model because of it’s cubic shape. It’s just a matter of knowing the right methods and using them as good as possible. : )