Cool, which is 3D and which is 2d?

old version…
it is 3d, some textures are wrong mapped… I will must take some new photos for better mapping.

new version, i work now on textures etc.

Looks cool, but i don’t actually understand what are you doing…Which part of the image is 2D- (is it a photo from a real factory?), and which one is 3D.
I honestly can’t tell the difference.

new version
stefce:I posted wire in first post. Real photo was water and background, 3d was factory.

Ok, now i understand!
You’re really good. Why are you doing this for, if i may ask?

small improve

Stefce:because i don’t understand you :slight_smile: my english is bad

new version of grass

test small postprocess in second version of my image

I like the two picture…

Two picture is better than one picture…postproces make more…

you hit the light pretty good.
there are some UV distortions on some house faces.

I understand now… This integration 3d to 2d was temporary, because I didn’t have 3d background.

I really like the decayed look, it reminds me of screenshots from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

I agree with cekuhnen, there are some parts that look distorted.

However, it already looks great and I think this is fixed easily - could you show us some of your reference images?

wow! looks fotorealistic, great job :slight_smile: