Fade In/Out tutorial Video

I decided to start making videos with my new mic on blender :smiley: For all the begginers out there!

I’m going to add videos on here whenever I make a new one! :stuck_out_tongue:
Fade in/out tutorial:
Blender Tutorial: Fade in/out in Realtime
Example .blend:
Example Fade in/out

Here’s the saving tutorial:
Blender Tutorial: Saving in Realtime

Here’s the loading tutorial:
Blender Tutorial: Loading in Realtime

And an example .blend file:Save/Load Example

Typing in Realtime:
Blender Tutorial: Typing in Realtime

Blender Tutorial: Character limitation with realtime typing

Mixing Animations

If the example .blend file is broken tell me, and use the one in the description of my video…

good luck with your own projects!

well done man

May I contribute?

I have a pair of scripts for saving and loading for one of my games, initially found it deep within the BGE forums, recently made some changes to it, and this will store the score and level number.

NOTE: You need a property named Count set to a different value per-level and a GameLogic variable for the score (here it’s GameLogic.Text


ControllerPlane = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
objPlane = ControllerPlane.owner
#variables for the Count property (for the levels)#
PlaneText = objPlane['Count']
stringPlaneText = str(PlaneText)
#variables for the current score (the PlantText variable already unloaded the level number, so it's safe to re-assign)#
PlaneText = GameLogic.Text

stringPlaneScore = str(PlaneText)
#Write to txt file the count variable for storing the level#
out_file_L = open("test2.txt", "w")
#write to txt file the current score at the end of the level#
out_file_S = open("test.txt", "w")
#read level no. file#
in_file_L = open("test.txt", "r")
txtText_L = in_file_L.read()
#read score file#
in_file_S = open("test2.txt", "r")
txtText_S = in_file_S.read()


ControllerPlane = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
objPlane = ControllerPlane.owner
#Load Level no. file#
in_file_L = open("test2.txt", "r")
txtText_L = in_file_L.read()
#Load Score file#
in_file_S = open("test.txt", "r")
txtText_S = in_file_S.read()
#Assign Level no. and score to those in the files#
GameLogic.Text = int(txtText_S)
objPlane['Count'] = int(txtText_L)

cool! Thanks for contributing! This can show beginners how to implement their scripts! Thanks :smiley:

I don’t get why your showing file as opposed to using pickle or cPickle. Although you can achieve anykind of data storage like that it can make it much more complicated than it needs to be. With cPickle the object type is sorted for you so all you need to do is write it to file and load from file, no need to fuss making sure it’s being stored or retrieved in the correct way.
The only dissadvantage is that the user of the script must have the pickle or Cpickle module but as it’s downloaded with python this isn’t a problem for most blender users.

Don’t get me wrong, I like using cPickle the problem with it you can’t implement it into anything you want… I mean, if your going to use another game engine other then blender that does not use python, you can’t implement cPickle, because it’s a function in python.

If I am wrong, I’ll make a tutorial using cPickle :wink:

Here’s a new tutorial I made for beginners it’s for the realtime typing with character limitations!
Blender Tutorial: Character limitation with realtime typing

did you forget to pack the texture? :slight_smile:

btw great script thank you

Hell everyone, I made another tutorial is for…

Mixing animations! Yay! I don’t use monster’s way, I used the classic version but the outcome is the same is… yeah, here!

Mixing Animations

Hey everyone, I made a new tutorial on Fading In and Out in realtime, I even have an example .blend file!

Here’s the link to the youtube video:
Blender Tutorial: Fade in/out in realtime

Here’s the example .blend:
Example Fade in/out

Thanks Linkxgl, I liked the vid.