Fade In/Out with Sequencer

I have 2 images, foreground and background, that I am rendering together with alpha over. Can I have the foreground image fade in, display, then fade out over time? Previously I have done this by rendering the foreground as a series of images that show it fading in then back out. I was wondering if there was a way to do this with a single foreground image using the sequencer.

This can be done with the “Cross” strip.

You need to create another image from which you fade in and to which you fade out, e.g. a black screen.
Now put this image into the sequencer and your foreground image on a different channel so that the two images overlap some frames (these frames will be the fading time). Last, add a Cross strip above the two images into the section where they overlap.



OOOHHH a blank image. Thanks Robert S for taking the time to answer my question.