Fade in/out

how would you make a fade in/out effect in blender? like a transition in video editing software.

You can do that in Blender’s sequence Editor, which you can read about at the below link. You could do it with a alpha fading animation too, but that would be a lot harder and wouldn’t look as good. :wink:


You can do that in the VSE pretty easily. Just load a strip into the timeline and CTL-Click in the IPO Window at 0,0. This will set the start of the strip to black at its beginning. Now go right in the IPO window and set another point at, say, 25on the horizontal scale and1.0 on the vertical This means that at 25% of the way into the strip, it will have transitioned to being fully visible. Likewise, to fade out, set a point at, say 75,1 and another at 100,0 This will fade out the strip over the last 25% of its length.

You can TAB in the IPO window to set the points precisely if you want to. (Hit “N” in the IPO window to get the properties panel.) You can also click “IPO Frame Locked” on the strip’s edit panel before you set the points if you would rather work with precise frame numbers instead of percentages.

You could also do it with nodes. Just feed an RGB input (set to black or whatever color you want) to the top image socket of a color Mix node and the image that you want to fade in to the bottom image socket. Now feed an input Time node to the fac socket on the mix. Set the time node to the range of frames that you want the fade to effect (say 30 frames). Add an invert node after the time value if you want to do a fade-out instead.

You can also animate the alpha of a material if you are talking about fading in/out actual objects in a 3D scene.

I mean from a 3d scene. what do you do with the alpha of a material?

Well in a scene, do something like put a Black (0, 0, 0) square plane over the camera “lens” (make sure to have “shadeless” turned on in materials). At the startframe of your fade out, set the square’s Alpha to 0 (enable ZTransp too) and insert a keyframe for that material. At the endframe of your fadeout, set the Alpha to 1 and insert a keyframe there too. To make it look smoother, make sure to set the interpolation mode of that fade to Linear, because Bezier will make it speed up then slow down in the middle of your fade.

Hope This helped!

think i got it. just have to try it.
Thank you all!