Fade out audio/music


I have made a Blenderproject with 301 frames and would like to add a audio/melody, but the problem is, the melody is 2.5 minute long.

Everything work fine inside Video Sequence Editor + Add + Audio and I drag the audio (piano.MP3) in to place. At Audio Codec window I select MP3.

I try inside audio Codec window to adjust volume controller to fade out the melody between frame 280 - 301, but this dont work for me.

Do you know if I can fade out audio inside Blender Sequence Editor, let me know
Thanks in advance

In the strip editor press the N-Key and select the audio strip. There is a volume field. It looks like you can keyframe it. I did not test any further, however.

Good luck.

Atom Thanks for helping. Sorry. I try with everything inside this window, but still no fadings. Never mind, the loop is there.