Fade out particles separately?


I am playing with the great new particle system but can’t find out how to fade out particles separately.

  • I have a particle system with visualization type “object”, pointing to a cube with normal material (no HALO).
  • I set an IPO curve for the “alpha” value of the cube’s material.
  • My alpha IPO goes from 1 to 0 in 100 frames.
  • When I render my animation, all the particles fade out at the same time.

Does somebody know if I can fade out each particle separately ? :confused:

I know it is possible to fade out particles separateley with halo materials applied to emitter, but I don’t want to use halo here…

You could just make additional particle emitters with a different alpha IPO.

Hmm yes, but too much work if I want to fade out 1000 particles or so one after the other