fade out

so im using edit object to add a n object. How do i make this object fade away and grow larger at the same time, and delete itself when its faded all the way?

Use size and alpha IPOs and an always sensor with the pulse off then set the added objects time so that the fade ends at the same time as the object.

how do i use the alpha ipos?

Hmmm, i remember this… i think…

Oh yes!, here you can see how to create alpha IPOs and how to play them:

Just ask on any more questions :slight_smile:
(if you don’t get your blend to work, a quick way for us to check it would be to post your blend file, or to post a picture of your IPO and your logic bricks)

hmm it didnt work. am i doing this right? http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/1424/blender8me.jpg

i tried moving the keyframes all over the place…didn’t help.

First of all, the colour IPO’s (Red, Green, Blue and Alpha) work as follows:

1 is always the maximum and 0 is the minimum. With alpha this means 100% visible or 100% invisible. With RGB it means full brightness or none.
But between the 0 and 1 you have a 1000 levels
-0.000 up to 1.000- (like in the colour slider at the Vertex colour buttons).

Putting a keyframe on +2 or -1 has no effect.

Secondly, the object must have it’s faces set to alpha, or the alpha IPO will have no effect.

Finally, colour IPO’s will only show during play, after pressing ‘p’. During preview you will see no effect.


i got the R,G,and B working, but not the alpha one. Could you post a sample .blend?

Okay, here is a sample file. Press ‘p’ and then press spacebar to see the effect.

Alpha & RGB


Also watch the Shader Buttons (F5) for the Material and Lamp settings to see how I made the shiny cube reflecting the light.


In the topic about Being a Game Guru, 3DGURU has posted a videotutorial about how to make a Trancedent or Half Life2 loading and fading screen. He covers the fading in and out with ipo’s of objects using the RGBA ipo’s :slight_smile:


dld the tut number 30 … and the codec is neccesary …


actuually this

030-learn fadeing between scenes … in realtime engine (((with sound)))