Fade out


I’m trying to make an object (text) fade out of view by using IPO on Alpha. Problem is: it doesn’t work. The text becomes black but doesn’t disappear. What is the best way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance,

Hugo Ferreira

I dunno, is ztransp on?

Tried bot on and off… Same thing :frowning:

I cover fading text as a titling technique here:Video Titling Techniques #1 - (The Basics)

The key to fading the text is to set ZTransp, change the IPO curve type to Material, and set keys using the Alpha channel. To set keys for the Alpha channel using the I-key shortcut, make sure that your mousepointer is over the Editing buttons window.

Ok, I forgot to mention that I’m using YafRay for rendering… Maybe there’s a problem with alpha and YafRay?

Works for me with Yafray, just make sure you’ve turned on the Ztransp button for the text material.