Fading during animation

I’m working on a project for a game right now and I was assigned the task of creating and animating a splash screen. The lead designer gave me a few guidelines that I am having trouble acheiving.

I was asked to start with a black screen and have the text fade in to the scene. I have no idea how to achieve this and would love help on this part.

I was asked to keep the text up for a few seconds before having everything fade to white. ( the starting animation comes up as white.) This is another problen I was having because I don’t know how to “fade” objects.

Those were the guitlines but there is one last thing I would like to add. I want to have a star flash in the middleof the text during the animation. I want it to start out dull, glow brighter and bigger, then quickly diminish to nothing.

If asked I will include the blend file I have now. Any help would be appreciated.

Create a texture with a black background and the text you want on it. Texture it to a plane. Put a black plane in front of the text plain and key the alpha on the black plane to fade to zero.

I don’t quite understand what you mean with the “star flash”. Do you mean a 2d star or just a flash of light? If you mean a light, just add a lamp with orange light and key the energy.

<a href=“http://www.zippyvideos.com/1709997546420396/apocalypse3/”><img src=“http://i2.zvhost.com/2/h/h0zg1c2l.jpg” border=“0” /></a> There’s the link to what I have so far. That should explain what I mean by “star”. Thank you for the fading info I will try that right now.

Edit: I tried what you said but I’m a little confused. Do I need to use ipos to animate the Alpha of the plain? If so, how. If not what do I do to it? Is it possible to use a shape key to adjust the alpha?

personally i would do this with the video sequencer, just use two images one black and one your render, then you can use a plugin to make a more involved fade, or even blend between the two for a traditional fade.

Would you mind explaining ,in detail, how to do that?

Heh, that sounds like a better method, it’s just that I’ve never used the sequencer (and it doesn’t look like he has either).

To animate ther alpha of a plane, just go to the materials panel and press I to bring up the key menu. Select ‘alpha’.

This tutorial may help:
Video Titling Techniques #1 - (The Basics) *