Fading from one texture to another

Okay, last question for today, I swear. :smiley:

I’m just trying to figure out how to animate textures, or more specifically, how to have an object fade from one material to another. From one UV mapped image to another, or one seperate material to another. I’m not seeing a whole lot about this online …

you can’t fade between materials

only textures

you need a texture which defines the alpha between the two textures, and set it to modify alpha and be in stencil mode

then following textures will not be able to modify where the alpha was set to zero

hm, lemme think… ok different ways:

1 - basic colours can be animated, thus you can change the colour easily by inserting keyframes for RGB

2 - if you use textures: pre-rendering you animated texture and map the avi to the object

3 - two objects with the two different materials/textures. make one object slightly bigger then the other, and animate the alpha value of the larger object until it disappears.

4 - post-production/compositing. render each object once with alpha, render the background separately. in the sequence editorplace the bg first, then object one and object two. make a transition of the two object.

…no more ideas for now

:o How can I make that? I want for example to have a small different area in a wall.