Fading images in realtime

I often see people saying things about how hard it is to manually fade images/planes/textures in realtime so I decided to test it, to my delight it was very easy!

All I had to do was keyframe the transparency and badabing-badaboom, it worked! :slight_smile:
I’m not sure if this is a very helpful resource but it should help some newbies.

Key-framing Transparency

And the .blend
FadingImage.blend (488 KB)

Hope it helps!


You need to select an appropriate blend mode as well!

interesting Alpha blend seems not to be required.

i know how to do it in multitexture mode, but please send .blend with this in GLSL

Important in Multitexture mode when blending without a texture:
Insert at least one key frame for diffuse color.
Otherwise the diffuse color is black

I can’t use GLSL, so sorry, but I’m not even going to try…