Fading in Alpha Maped Material


I’m trying to make some text fade in, but that text is made from an image with an alpha map so that it cuts out the unwanted white areas. Now I want to animate this to fade in. The only problem is that if I adjust the alpha for the material when animating, it brings back those unwanted white areas. How would I go about animating the alpha of the whole thing again? Is it possible? Maybe I need to animate the alpha of the UV map somehow. Is there a way to do that?

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you can animate the alpha channel of a material. See the wiki on Animate Materials. You basically control the alpha as an IPO curve.

You can also animate the alpha value of an individual texture channel as well. See wiki on Textures.

For that animating the alpha value of an individual texture channel could you direct me to the wiki? I searched for it, but couldn’t find it.

Select the object.
Press F5.
Move your mouse into the Buttons Window.
Press I
You can now add keyframes for the Alpha channel.
Activate an IPO window and set it’s type to “Material”
The alpha channel will be available for curve editing.

Yes, I know that already. The problem however is that I’m using the alpha to cut out the white areas of a texture. If I animate it, they’ll show again. So I’m thinking that I might have to animate the texture somehow. Is there a way I can animate one UV texture transitioning to another? If I can figure that out, I might be able to figure out the rest of the alpha stuff.

You could pre-render the texture as a video file with the fade built in?

I assume you are applying the UV as a image texture in a material. If you just want to fade in, you can animate the VAR value of the texture. Open the Material IPO and appropriate texture slot, select VAR and use ctrl-lmb to build an IPO curve going from zero to one.

Edit: original version named wrong slider for this situation.

Also, you could delete everything except your text in a graphic program and save it as a .png. No white at all surrounding the text.

There is a tut here

The .png thing didn’t work because I’m not trying to do a single image, I’m trying to do an animation with it.

CD38: What do I select exactly? I don’t see it.

If your UV texture is mapped as an image in a texture slot you can do this.

Select the object with the texture you want to fade in.
Open an IPO window.
Open the rollout menu in the IPO window header and select Material.
In the column to the right select Var (you may have to scroll the column with MMB).
Create an IPO curve that goes from 0 to 1 over the duration of the fade-in.

See www.cogfilms.com for many excellent tutorials on animating textures and material properties.

:confused: Why not just use the VSE? It’d be as easy as pie & as quick as hell to render.

  • Render an image of the blank background
  • Render an image of the text on the background
  • import both images into the VSE and do a fade from one to the other

Render to non lossy images and there you have it. You can load them in as an image sequence, reverse the order and voila! You’ve got a fade out too, for ‘free’

This tute has more than enough info on using the VSE for this.


Well, I tried CD38’s way and it worked. I just didn’t see the VAR setting there and didn’t know I could scroll down. I haven’t worked with animating much yet. So thanks for that. I’m really thankful that it’s working now.

I’ll have to check out that other thing sometime later, enhzflep, I’m kinda on a deadline now to submit something for a contest and to work on it so I don’t have much time for trying out more new things. I’m doing it with a friend so I’m not yet sure if we are going to show it on these forums or not.

Thanks again :D.