Fading out

(Pooba) #1


In my game that i’m making I want to be able to fade the current scene to black and then fade in to the next scene. How could I do this?


(cluh) #2

I could try to figure out a way. If I do i will post a blend file.

(blengine) #3

yes! it felt good when it worked! =) hehe…

in your first scene…creat a plane that covers the entire camera view. and is REAL close to the camera, we dont want any objects poking through…

make a picture thats JUST BLACK… and uvmap the plane with just the black picture… in the paint buttons, turn ALPHA on…

now with the plane selected, change the screen to the ipo window

on the right column, find and click on “ColA”…those are alpha settings…
at frame 1(bottom), cntrl+left click at 0(left), then at frame 20 or whatever, cntrl+left click at 1.0…
so the alpha starts at 0, then ends up at 1… vwala…
now creat an IPO actuator to fade the scene

in the second scene… make another plane on the camera, and do the opposite in the ipo window, start at 1.0, and at frame 20, click a point at 0.0

and itll fade in

hehe =)
tell me if u got it to work

(Pooba) #4

Hey! it worked! Thanx Blengine!

Hey, being able to fade out stuff is a nice idea… i can fade out any objects now!

Thanx again,


(blengine) #5

no prob =) i learned a thing or two also

and u can also fade to white, say if u have an explosion in your scene 8)

(saluk) #6

You can also mess with colors and animate them as to make a day and night cycle or do other awesome tricks animating color.

Want to make fire? Use col ipos to make a cool orange to rade fade in the room around the fire, for a nifty glowing effect.

Want to make enemies that teleport in? Use the colA animation to fade them from nothing to completely visible. So many fun options!

(pannomatte) #7

I’m doing something similar but for an underwater effect in that I’m using a UV maped sphere rotating with the camera inside of it to get a hazy underwater effect. Looks great too. When to come out of the water or go in, Use collision to Add or End object. Note, you have to Flip Normals on the sphere to render the inside.

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