Fading parts for a mesh with a material


I have a head mesh and I would like to render the face(eyes,nose,mouth) with a bit of ‘feathering’ towards the rest of the mesh.

Can I have a selection of polygons be affected by fresnel transparency ?

What would be the best way to get a part of a mesh fully visible, some of it transparent/blended and the rest invisible ?


Many ways to do this, each one giving different results for different uses. So if this doesn’t work for whatever reason never fear, there are many ways to skin the cat.

Assign a material. Turn off the spec by sliding it down to zero. Turn on Z-trans, and set the initial alpha to 0. Assign a new Linear blend texture. Map it to alpha and spec. Flip the xy coordinates so that it goes from top to bottom. I assigned it input type of tube, and chose ZZZ for the orientation. (default is XYZ) And you are done!

Blend is attached. This is for 2.49b


alpha-trans.blend (226 KB)


That looks nice! Thanks for attaching the source file as well.

I need something in those lines. I was wondering if there’s something that will allow me to use a polygon selection from a mesh and have that be 100 opaque and the rest gradually fade out to nothing ? Imagine a soft selection controlling transparency or something similar.

Is that possible ?


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Your welcome. And thanks, I like my avatar too. :slight_smile:

There is no such thing as a soft mesh selection. To get the ultimate control you want, you probably need to uv-unwrap your model and paint it properly in Gimp or PS.

There are a couple other solutions however, that may get you the desired result. One is controlling the location of the texture with an empty, which is the cube on the left, I even animated it for you so you could see the effect changing.

The second option that may work is vertex paint. Vertex paint automatically smooths out between verts, not much control with this method.


paint.blend (167 KB)