Færinga Saga (Inspired by "Norse by Norsewest")

Here it goes;
About three months ago I started using the BGE, I was one of those over ambitious ones, but very soon found out, that there is more to it than meets the eye…So I studied a bit of blends here and there, did a bit of modeling from time to time, and now, things are going pretty well.
So I thought I might release a tiny part of my game, so here it is, and to the people with “noimagephobia” a few pictures…

Weapons and a Shield

Viking ship (1) (2)

The Battle at Hjørungavág (Not really a battle yet)

Viking Helmet (Front and side view)

Over the Mountains

Doh forgot the picture links and all…

looks pretty cool
keep it up

Thank you :slight_smile: And I will…

Looks like a good start. I’d certainly get a nicer, higher rez txture on the land. With the new RC2, you can have two UV coods, so have a detail texture and a general pattern texture.

How do you apply a pattern texture?

like it

keep workin’

He just means a tiling texture… ie. you have a high res map (grassy more detail or something) and a low res map (maybe one of the coastline/hills) layered over each other and togethor they give a bit more detail… you can now assign muliple UV co-ordinates… Snailrose wrote a tut on how to use the multiple UV’s and how to get the diff textures to use them… it’s the shadow/light baking tutorial… should be info on it on the blender site about how to use it!

Ok, thanks alot :slight_smile:

Does anyone know how to make a clickable inventory?
Sorta like this?

James> look at the Shadowdale .blend, it has an advanced clickable inventory. Use the search function to find it.

Kirado> exacly what I meant, sorry I was so vague.

Good work so far… excellent longboat model. Some suggestions:

LONGBOAT- It should have either a sail or animated paddles. Since it has a mast, I’d recommend a sail, definitely. Also, the dragon head should be textured for details.

LANDSCAPE- Better textures are desperately needed. I’d recommend a detailed grass texture. It would also look good if there was sand on the coastline. Clouds will also be a good touch.

ALL MODELS- At the risk of sounding like a broken record, your models lack shading. Try adding some vertex color shading, you’ll be amazed.

All in all it looks like a good start though. I haven’t seen many Viking games, which is surprising, because I would think it would be a very fertile subject.

looking good! but i guess there is a lot of work for you ahead, right? Also, could you advance some storyline of the game? will it be 1st or 3rd person?.. I like adventure games!
for the inventory you could use OVERLAY SCENES and use a script to show the mouse cursor. That way you can then click on an object of the overlayed scene and use properties to select it… i think this would to…

To be clickable and make objects dynamic you need python.

Yes I know, but I cant find a tutorial :frowning: And since the Airdale blend isn’t released to the public, I cant analyse it… :frowning:
I have rigged the camera (More like stolen it, and it’s first person), set up the health bar, and the mana bar, and the rage bar, and now I’m adding the adrenaline bar, which I’m struggeling with… the player character is being textured, and the horse is being rigged(maybe I’ll leave that to you guys…XD) And the first lvl called “Across the Mountains” is under construction, whilst the second one called “A New Home” is being planned…

Expect a demo tonight :slight_smile:

James out…

Double posting is bad I know, but I need your help!
I’m trying to get the two blend files, “Raceph” I think it’s called, made by Braveheart and some other fellers… And “The Legend of Taro” made by Lemmy…
The download links are broken, so if anyone has the files, please rehost them and let me know… Thanks in advance…

I like the helmet, James XVI - (everyone leaves off the XVI, and it just doesn’t have the same effect…)!

I agree with the comments about texturing, but, as I am interested in game play and not graphics, I will wait for a demo! :slight_smile:

James, the Shadowdale .blend file is right here:

Thanks Dim :slight_smile:

I cant have a “map” named “Chapter 1 - Fathers Bane” containing .blend files?
Ehh… Does anyone have an explanation for this?

Maybe some of these examples could help you out http://www.savefile.com/projects/677758

Thanks a million Siege :slight_smile: (Can I call you Siege?) Those files are awesome… Oh and by pure accident I discovered how to re-create a fragment of DMoMaM’s combat system…