Failed to load action problem

I have a group linked into another blend. The group contains some meshes with a parent armature which has a parent ‘collision’ cube.

I have about 4 different animations and three of them work! Actually only 2 of them work unless I have one of the other selected in the action editor (whilst armature is selected in 3d window) and then saving it and reverting the file it’s linked in.

I’m getting error “Failed to load action: CircleRight” with no line number or clue as to what is wrong. Other animations are working fine, so I’m clueless as to why it’s not working.

Any thoughts?

When you link objects (specifically armatures) that should play actions, you need to link these actions too (they do not need to reside in the same file).

Actions are linked when:

  • they are assigned to an object of the group (select object, select an action in the action editor) - usually when you animate the object
  • they are referred by an action actuator where the owner is linked. The actuator does not need to be connected or belong to the object that plays the animation.
  • directly linked (via link–> navigate to action)

When you use Python to configure the animation system, you have just the action’s name, not the action. Python code never creates a link to anything (it is just text). This means you need to make the action available before referring to it by name.

I hope it helps

Thanks very much Monster, that was a big help!

So I just linked in the actions as well, don’t know why I didn’t do that sooner, think I have done this in the past.