Failed to load same file in linux and mac

Hi everyone,

I was working the last weeks in a setup in blender 2.9 using the macOs version and the 2.9 linux version. Everything was fine and I was copying the blender file back and forth working using both computers.

Now I see that the file opens just fine in mac but the same file is not read properly in the linux version. In fact, I save the ‘wrong-readed’ file from linux and it opens just fine in mac. any suggestions what can be the error?
I also tried to export to .dae and load in into new file, but again, in the mac version works fine, but the linux version has some problem reading the file. I even tried with the new 2.91 version, same result.

screenshot from mac

screenshot from Linux

the problem was the nvidia-driver, somehow got broken. After reinstalling it everything is working now