Failed to read blend file...incomplete error after appending and linking objects

Hi guys. I need some help please if you can and thank you ahead of time for any replies.

I was working on a project. A level for a game. I blocked out my scene objects and it was time to start making the full version of the map with all details in it. I have my repeating game objects in another blender file…things like crates, trees, bridges, flowers, and decor, etc. So I appended the objects I needed into my level file. I then populated the map with the appended trees and flowers. I clicked save. All seemed well. I then went ahead and backed up the file by saving under another name a second version. All seemed well. I went ahead and used the ctrl +L method to replace my crate cubes with my actual fully modeled crate. Hit save. Worked on the level some more and hit save when I was done. Turned off blender and went to bed.

Today I wake up and try to open the file and I get failed to read blend file ____ incomplete! ON BOTH FILES! The back up and the last version! Is there a way to open the files? To repair them? I’ve tried creating a new project to try and import the objects from those blend files that are “broken” but it’s no good. When I go to select the blend file it will not open into its sub directories.

Has anyone experienced this? Thank you guys again for any feedback you may have. I’m using V2.71