(failing) dragon model

Ok, ive been doing well recently i think with my blends, so i thought i’d challenge myself with something with 6 limbs rather than 4 since i seem to have the basic humanoid shape down. so i thought what better creature than a dragon… however, it seems that that was a bit too much. so far what i can see that i cant seem to get right is:

  1. the neck or head is oddly proportioned or wrongly shaped,
  2. ive always had trouble with eyes but theyve never turned out like this before,
  3. the tail doesnt seem right either but i cant seem to get it any better

the list goes on but those are my main focuses, i havent shade smoothed or anything yet since i find it helps not to when its so underdeveloped and i plan on subdividing a bit more first anyway for more detail.

any criticisms or help is more than welcome. unless i should just start from scratch : )

Are you working from some references? If not, I would suggest to draw out the changes you intend or think should happen with it, maybe use Grease Pencil to do it inside Blender, and then work on getting your model closer to what you want.

The solid shading hints at quite a few triangles within the topology, generally you want to use all quads for an organic model unless there’s almost no way to create a feature with just quads (like having sharp points for teeth and horns after subsurfing the mesh).

Also keep in mind how the edgeloops flow within and around the model, there are general guidelines around the web on how to create good edgeflow for many situations.

thanks for the replies guys,
Craig: ive never worked from a refrence before to be honest, i just model straight from my head and adjust as necessary. the reason for this is because i find it really difficult to draw anything in great detail and i have no idea how to use the grease pencil, im still pretty new to blender but im getting there : )

Ace: there are alot of triangles especially around the eyes because i kept accidentally creating impossible quads that changed depending on the angle that u looked at them (dont know how else to describe them) so i had to cut em into triangles to make it fit right. Im going to search for those guides you mentioned today and see what i can do with those : )