I think I totally failed at this game. What do you all think? (Also there is brief flying after the missile turret before level completion, wait it out). Even tho it’s only like 30% finished, I think it’s not worth going on with. There is a main menu and a game over scene not shown in the video which are cool.

its ok but yeah it is a fail

I would say go back, and work on your textures. If it’s only 30 percent finished. It can’t be a fail. These top down airplane games have been around for a long time, and are still played today. I have a Samsung Galaxy S phone running Android 2.2, and have a game called Air Attack HD. It’s pretty cool. I would say check out some of these games for inspiration. Then if this still doesn’t get better. Consider it a fail.

Don’t give up yet. And don’t post a “potentially” failed project.

Heyy! fayt, this is not a fail… You need to Finish It, And Then make the call if its a fail or not, but dont give up!

I’d recommend zooming out and fixing the horizontal position of the camera (in a came where you can’t stop or move backwards, you don’t want anything to be off the sides of the screen) and of course work on your graphics- a vital thing is to order your graphics in terms of importance. Anything important, like an enemy bullet, should be far brighter and more visible than something very unimportant like the ground.

However, I don’t see how it’s a fail…

I agree with Cap, Playboy, and Turbo - it’s not really a fail as long as you learn something. It doesn’t even look like it’s unsound gameplay-wise, so the only problem is the aesthetics - the graphics could be improved. Other than that, it seems like a fine game.

Still has a couple bugs, and I suck at textures.

You should probably just go with material colors then?.. with highlighted wireframe…
It doesn’t matter if your textures are simple colors but the look should be coherent.
Don’t give just because you didn’t get the textures right…

try this link there are some texturizing tutorials and even one to the bge, use them to learn it a little more, for tell you the truth I liked the game. Its very cool, you should make the jet to rotate a little when it turns right and left, the movement ll look more real.

Yeah I attempted to have it turn when moving left and right, however no matter what, it wouldn’t work. If I played the timeline it worked, but connecting it to the button wouldn’t so I gave up.

If you need help. Don’t be afraid to ask.
For the plane to roll left, or right. I would make a couple of animations, and an F-curve. A 41 frame animation would work fine. At frame one, have the plane level. At frame 20 have it rolled to the Left. On frame 21 have it level again. Then on frame 41, have it rolled to the Right.

Then set your logic bricks so when you press your button to turn Left. The F-curve plays frames 1 to 20.
When you press Right. The F-curve plays frames 21 to 41. Make sure to set both F-curves to flipper.
There are more ways to do it with Armatures, but this is a simple way for you to get started, and it works.

Oh. And later you could even have nice evasive acrobatics like barrel rolls, and stuff.
some explosions would add to it as well. Instead of things just pissadearing.

If you fixed the grass textuer it would make it x3 better. Never used the game engine for such a thing but sure it is difficult. - Blue Max, Commodore 64…Legend! How about a view like that?

dude thats awesome, just like this old 16 bit color arcade game i played a long time ago! its not failure in any possible way. your here to learn weather you believe it or not. just finish the game, then replace models one by one with better quality models, and redo the texturing. id love to see this as a finished product.

I haven’t used an F-curve before, so I’d have to read up on it.

I checked out the Blue Max video, it’d be soooo hard with that angle.

Here. Watch this. It’s the game I mentioned above.

I recommend that you avoid Negative language when you talk about yourself, this is a nice start!
you can use premade textures from the internet, there are many!
good luck.

I would suggest lengthening the bullets so that they look smoother.