Fairy drop! (anime style game)

:yes: ok making new game “Fairy Drop!” entire game to be cell shaded going to stay away from making any textures what so ever, that should speed up production abit…

Anyways the game is going to have lots of mushrooms and flowers, and you play as the heroine who must save the fairyland kingdom from the evil wasps and underling larva. kinda going to work in more story as I go along creating the models and world…

That’s a pretty nice model so far. Is it going to be cel-shaded using this polygonal approach, or are you going to go with a GLSL screen shader?

thanks for your comments SolarLune, I’m going with the poly approach do to more artist control.


The lines seem a bit thick to me. the character’s waist also seems disproportional to the rest of the torso. I like the cel-shaded diffuse.

MrPutuLips good call on waist I think I’ve fixed it, thanks…


Added wings, tweaked black line mesh. Going to make her a big cool sword now :yes:


I’ve made the sword model, I think it’s lacking something though I some that up to textures… I’m not MAKING ANY TEXTURES!!!

Good character model. Really like the cel-shaded line looks great has that Appleseed EX Machina look to it :slight_smile:
same goes for the gloves and boot’s. Sword looks coo.

thanks TheVoid75 though wasn’t exactly going for the “Machina look” on this…

Mushrooms!!! update:


made some trees, going to make some other props flowers ferns rocks a cool bridge I got planed etc…



The great well…


I love the cel shading. It’s just the Erosion 2D filter, correct?

Saika, no it’s not the Erosion filter it’s GLSL toon shader I made in the material menu…

update here’s the first try at the level wip

update wip 2 added the mushrooms more trees and put water under the bridge :wink:

hey that looks really good all put together

I agree very pretty, Can we see some of the dark part of the world/wasps? Will there be evil frogs? (Intresting enemy for a sprite)

sorry for the double but i was just curious about your poly-count on the fairy. I got an idea like this after seeing that “guardians” movie…I thought it would be easier to make scenery. Since things would be so much larger…No needs for endlist fields of blades and blades of grass…y know… I think you said that your not using a shader for the cell shading but I found one way back deep in the forums that runs really fast if youd like to try it. Heres what I came up with when i had the idea.

wierd pose i know

but with her, her hair, eyes, wings, and her shirt, pants and boots as seperate meshes…she still comes in at 3200 tris. and she has no textures also

thanks all for your comments :slight_smile:

superflip, the good thing about cell shading is that you should need very very few tri to get pretty good results. The character mesh is only about 764 tris without line mesh and sword. Also I’m using GLSL toon shader, not the 2d filters afterwords, on the final game I only want to have some bloom just to give the game that glowing sparkly feel to it…

BluePrintRandom, I don’t want to spoil to much of the game but your going to have to go into one of those towers that leads you underground into the wasps lair witch will be this cavern of a wasp hive…

Awesome level. The look and feel is really excellent.

As to textures, I think once you get the game up and running, just open a bulletin board and provide a modding mechanism, and your players will provide more textures than you could ever want or need.