Fairy meeting

Hi, this is my latest work in Blender. Inspired by my little dog, I’ve worked on it 2 ou 3 years ago but as I improved my skills a little since all this time, I decided to rework on it especially the hair. All done in Blender 500 passes and a little filmic effect. Hope you’ll like it. Cheers.

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materials and models are looking really good however good artwork isn’t only mesh and materials.
3d artworks, paintings and photography all follow same rules for good comosition
here are some stuff that i think could be improved a lot

  1. Dog doesn’t really stand out of the background. It has almost the same brightness.
  2. Every part of the composition is equally important
  3. Dog ( i assume is the most important part of the compo) is in the center, try maybe placing him in thirds
  4. Lighting is a bit boring. everything is equally lit.
  5. there is something about those butterflies that makes them distracting. Its probably the face that one of them is near a camera and make me uncomfortable feeling that it is very close to my face.
  6. everything ( beside that one butterfly) is in the foreground. There is no deph in this picture.
    And I don’t mean deph of field. I think deph of field is overused here.
  7. overexpousure on dogs head.

Thank you very much for your feedback Jerzygorskiart :blush:. I need your help for some points to try to improve the render. I understand for the butterfly near the camera. I also understand for the dog that shouldn’t be in the center. I will try to find why there is an overexposure on his head (maybe the color of the skin is too bright because there is no light here :thinking:). I need your help for the light, you find it boring, what would you do to make it more interesting, please ? Then, for you the background should be less lit, am I getting the point ? How would you place the elements (butterflies, wood…) to give depth ? I’m asking because I’ve got no idea of what to do…
Thank you for the time you spent writing all this. :blush: