Fairy Reminiscence

This isn’t my best work, but I had a lot of fun making it (I’ve always had a warm spot in my heart for fairies).

Though I don’t plan to work on this any more (I finished it a while ago), feedback and constructive criticism would be appreciated. View the image on my portfolio for full quality.

Oh, and yeah, I realize that from this angle the rocks don’t look like they could sit that way. I put them together in a physically accurate pattern, it just looks weird from this angle. I realized that after I had made it public. cough

cool, did you use the bokeh blur node?

Overall, I like this image, but I think it would be a little stronger if you could see the fairy a little better. Right now, it just comes off as a bright spot of light in the shape of something that resembles a person.

Nope, the blur is only from the DoF settings in the camera.

Hmm, good thoughts. Fairies are sometimes portrayed as very bright, which is why I portrayed this fairy as I did. But I agree that it would make the image stronger if more details were visible. Thanks for the suggestions!

Hi, i agree with the lastest comment.
Your picture has a very nice ambience. the composition, the colours and the lighting are very well handled.
However, this picture is quite frustrating because we’d like to see more of the fairy. She could also be doing something, like fishing in the lake for eg. A bit of storytelling would make it a great picture!

This is a great piece, wish I could see the details of the fairy a bit more. but overall, great job!