Fairy river

Scary and cute indeed. Nice work!

Hehe, very cool little thing. Also reminds me of the tooth fairy’s in Hellboy 2… :slight_smile:

Intersesting creature.

This is really beautiful! Was it rendered with the Cycles engine? The scales look amazng, and the tail is very cool.

Wow! That’s amazing!

Thanks guys for all the comments, I see you have some doubts soon will answer all

Great work on the textures, love it!

how did you set up the lights?

Great job, and likely a somewhat accurate portrayal.

Fairies may be cute; they can also be mischievous and down right dangerous.

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Is this render done with SSS cycles ?

I saw this before I saw oz, when the river fairies came up I though you made it :smiley: Exelent work!

looks cool… maybe have a piece of
wheat or grass in the foreground… give a better sense of depth.