Fairy Tramp Chronicles

Hi stranger ! Welcome !

I’m currently working on an episodic Comics made with Blender 2.79b for now, as I’m alone on this project and already invest a lot of time on 2.79b… but I must admit that the new eevee engine for its texture paintings improvements - not grease pencil right now, but maybe later soon - is very promising !!!

The comics should alternate between short gameplays elements - it’s a crossmedia project across comics and video games that intricate each other across the history (short put)

For the gameplay elements I use Unity, optimising characters and environments with Blender, for both Game and Comics (both media uses same base assets)

This point is important for the project for the cross-media part and I’m looking to use Blender Cloud for this part, to be able to ask people helping me on the project, on some kind, and be able to share project files across team members :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a way to live continuing the project, so I plan to build a sustainnable way to live correctely from it, as a freelancer
(you can find more informations about me here => https://industriesindigenes.com/ )


If you are interrested reading/looking at the following 5 boards (traducterd from French to English by myself… yes ! do please tell me if there are things I missed ! ) I have to warn you that the content can be very shoking .

I also MUST point that :

  • The whole story is in between 46 - 50 boards. This is only the first part of the story
  • Warning spoil The character of the daemon is NOT the main character !!!

I then treat this storyboard by hand according to the painting methods to have an inking in this style :

I also added a very very initial game loop to Simmer.io

This can give a quick feel of one kind of gameplay

This is a very interesting looking project and I look forward to seeing the translation. And I’ll try the first game loop soon, and comment more. Really interesting mix of mediums!

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Hey ! Thanks a lot Yogyog !

The first gameplay will be some kind of “The sims” (without the build system… just interract your character with the environment) but with a strong story factor …the “game loop” is not really a game, just a * very * quick sample of one of the characters from the comics that can run around in a point’n click fashion in the context of the comics story (nothing more).

I’ve finished the first 5 boards yesterday, now I’m putting speaches on the lefting parts then I’ll translate and update this post :wink:

Then I’ll have to put an inking pass on all the boards to have the targeted look.

As a landmark for the whole inking process I use the following image I drawned from a vignette of “La quête de l’oiseau du temps - Le Rige” by Loisel and Letendre.
I’ve redone the inking process using the original image as a guide, and re-interpret the details in a more personal way, separating foreground / background / middleground…
But it is a recopy of the original image by Loisel, nothing more (…just some kind of micro-skill exercice on inking to learn the style a bit more, appropriate it a bit… maybe…)

I target that level of details for the inking pass, but I’ll have to manage time / quality aspects to be able to process as much boards in few time, so at this point I’m a bit uncertain where I’ll havet ot stop the inking process :smiley: - I don’t want to spend more than 1 day / board at this level - …so inking quality may change :smiley: