Fairy Woman

This is a WIP, is going to be a a Fairylike creature.


The texture is cartoonish, but later it will change to become more realistic,

it looks like a woman??? ( I hope so)

is she supposed to look really pissed off? she doesnt look like a nice fairy…other than that, pretty cool. how about a wire?

in further examination, i think this has real potential if you do the texturing up really good. read some advanced texture tutorials and you should get a lot of recognition…

Yes it looks like a women. i think it looks cool good job.

Reminds me of Kameo (from the XBox game). Since you are planning on the texturing, I’ll only crit the modeling.

You should give the hair more irregularity, or at least add something that stands out on front. Also, her lips look disturbing, and they could blend a little more with the face.

Not a fairy to be messed with :slight_smile: , by the look of her, nice modeling so far.

looks nice! should the ears start lower down? so the bottom of the ear is more in line with the tip/bottom of the nose?

Today I will continue working on this model, thanks for your feedback!.
Also will made some small changes to her, based on your comments.

If this were the tooth fairy I would be careful with my teeth. She looks more like the pushy dame. Not waiting for your teeth to come out, but to help them a little on the way… :slight_smile:

But I don’t like her lips. Look somehow strange.

I noticed by her eye it looks like it is folding in some. If this is an effect of anger for her, keep if not you might wanna look at that. Otherwise its really cool! :smiley:

The eyes are in the center of the face, she is not bad, she have attitude.

Later (Today) I will post hopefully a new render with the hair (it looks really nice) and skin texture, with the accent in realism and translucency.