Faith II [WIP] - Update {March 04 2012}

Hey everyone. I think it’s finally time to announce my second game project. The name you see as the thread name is not the real name, it’s a temporary name just to give the thread a name instead of “Game Project 2”. It is part of the series, but I don’t want it to be named “Faith II”.

Sorry, I keep saying “my” game. But I need to mention this, I haven’t done this all on my own. Karl(KCroxtonJr) has been helping me out the entire way. It’s funny because before I even started the project I asked Karl to help me out with my plan and he did for some strange reason. So a huge thank you to Karl!

Ok, so I have made a video with a lot of information about the game:

Here’s an HQ video that I made, much shorter and only shows the features of the game so far:

This thread has been primary made to recruit a team. Now, the reason this is not in the team projects forum is because I feel that’s more of place where teams can interact with each other, while here is more where people post their progress on their projects. This thread won’t even be updated regularly, maybe signification updates every few months.


Joining the Team: (MAY BE UPDATED)

In video I do explain how you can join the team, but just in case you don’t feel like watching 30 minutes of footage, I’ll write information here to along with spots I forgot to mention in the video.

Character Modelling: You must be as good as Karl, more or less. Low poly modelling.
You can use this picture as reference:

Prop Modelling: Low poly prop modelling. Pretty self explanatory.

Texturing: You have to be able to copy the style we already have in the game. I know this seems like a lot to ask, but if you can’t I think Karl can handle it, and maybe fix it up.

Animation: Again, you must be as good as Karl, more or less. Life-like animating, look at the video. I may upload a more high-quality version later in the future (Hopefully a day after this thread was posted)

Programming: You need to be as good as me, more or less. I’ll post a sample of my script, for you to compare yourself to.

Concept Artist: Someone who can draw well, with detail. This is just so modellers and texture artists have a reference.

Level Designer: Someone who can design landscapes and some puzzles for the game.

Sound Artist: Someone who can do effects, and someone who can do large soundtracks and ambient noises.

If you can do more than one of these that will be really helpful. I want to keep small, just because it makes it easier for me to manage (I mean keep organized, more people will make it harder to keep everything clean).


Very basic plot: (MAY BE TEMPORARY)
Nate loses his village to the evil ruler Dyce. He wants revenge. (More may be posted later.)


Things I didn’t really mention in the video:

Though out the entire video I am using an Xbox Controller! It is possible to use the keyboard, and I have a keyboard configuration setup for only keyboard. You may use any joystick. Karl has told me it works fine with his PS3 controller.

The camera is controlled with the keyboard also, but I’m going to add a mouselook feature for keyboard users.

Don’t really matter what I mention, because I’m not releasing .blend! … Yet.


Ending Notes:

If you join the team, please be patient because I still have things I need to setup before I can sustain the project (Keep it up and running). Remember, I will give you access to the Dropbox once you’ve done something to contribute to the team.

I’m not writing much here because I think I put enough information in the video. I’ll see if I can upload a higher quality version of it later because it’s kind of hard to see the certain features!

I feel like I’m being too harsh with making a team because no one is getting paid, but then again, I’m not obligating you guys to join. If you don’t want to join, don’t join. If you want to join you must meet the requirements (more or less) listed above.

Again sorry about the video quality!

If you have any further questions PM me or e-mail me at luca<dot>duran<at>hotmail<dot>com

Here is the Faith I WIP Thread:

Here is the Faith I finished Thread:

–Place Holder–

Maybe you can make a Set of Spotlights: One over Nate with stronger Shadow, some around it (parented) with weaker Shadow. Maybe with SolarLune’s Ortho-Shadows, though I guess they would need to be on a Build you’d use.

Good Ideas to watch out whom you let in.

Well done.

Good Animation too, though hah, I just recognized that Nate runs quite a Lot like Altaïr. : D

I like how you explain all the Techniques, one really can learn from that Video! :3
Maybe you can avoid the Camera skipping too fast by manually setting the Slow Parent Factor during the Climbup-Process – I thought it can be changed via Python.

Increasing the buffer size of the shadow buffer (in the lamp setting) give higher resolution shadows… Rendering will be more expensive thou.

So can i post on here to help or do i PM you?

I’ll try to answer all the questions at the end of the day which is for me, 7:00pm.

@C.A.ligári: As I said, the problem with having the spot lights setup that way is that they interfere with other NCP’s shadows, and it looks weird! :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe I’m not understanding what you are saying?
For the camera I was planning to vertex parent the camera controls to an object parented to the back bone. I think that’ll work better :slight_smile:

@LaH: Could you please post an example? Because Karl tried this out and the shadow buff was actually really high. However, the quality of the shadow was low. Remember that we aren’t using a cube, but an actual animated character. Does this make a difference?

The Problem with the Spotlight Buffer’s Resolution is, that the wider you set the Spot Size the buggier the Buffer Image becomes. That is why rather a Set of smaller Spotlight might work better: Shadows will only be needed for Characters rather close to the Player – distant Characters do not need Shadows at all, I guess.
In Movies they often would build a Set inside a Studio and make it look like having actual Daylight by setting several Spotlights in a Matrix:


In the BGE you do not have the Advantage to make these Lights diffuse by pulling some Plane over them, unfortunately.
But you could set one Light over the Player (O) and several Light around it that draw weaker Shadows (and probably with lower Resolution) (x).

x x x
x O x
x x x

You might consider makin’ all these Lights being set to [Square] and [Only Shadow].
This would be only one Set moving with Nate.

Well, we must keep in Mind, though, that it does not work properly without Orthographic Shadows. As I said, Solar Lune has done a Build that has such, though I don’t know how the Technique would be used outside that particular Build.
I have tested it with usual Spotlights – quite a Mess.

I would not do very much because of school and my own projects. But i could add some eye candy to your game by doing the lighting and texturing. Which I am good at but i will not do stuff like modeling because i am very busy. But any way if you want some of that load taken off i can do it.

cool I remember playing the first Faith and it was pretty cool. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

Looks good! I have high hopes for this game if its a sequel to the first. :slight_smile:

Keep it up!

@C.A.ligári: That’s a good idea! I’ll try it out to see how it turns out. Thanks!

@bigmanjoe: If you could help with texturing here and there that would be great! But you need to make sure you can imitate the style of the game, just so it has consistency. Thanks a lot!

@Excalaberr: It is a sequel to the first! I just want to call it something else other than Faith :slight_smile: Thanks Matt!

If anyone wants to join, please drop me a PM with your work!

I’ll be posting a short video soon, with higher quality so you guys can see all the features in full quality.

Bye! Again, I won’t be updating this thread very much, unless there has been a big update…

Nate says hi.

Hope everybody is interested in what we have so far, if you want to join the team please pm either linkxgl or me and I’ll let him know. We don’t think we the greatest game creators or anything, we just want to create a quality game which is why the requirements seem kind of high. If you’d rather sit back, relax, and just watch the game develop, thats fine as well and I hope you enjoy it!

Also, if anybody can link me a nice texture splatting tutorial from a more recent version of blender, or even help me out personally, please pm me.

Sorry, can’t help out with a splatting tutorial, but I just wanted to drop a compliment.
Nice feature implantation. Looks really slick and complete. Congratulation. Now it’s time to sit back and watch the game develop further.
Best of luck with your game


Very nice. Looks very professional. I knew that these was going to be huge. I hope you could finish the game. :slight_smile: The screens look neat and clean.

Very nice animations! :slight_smile:

Linkxgl is right, haven’t really worked on the game in a while.

I did however make some progress a little while ago, mainly creating my own textures, from scratch for the 1st time. I made a cliff wall texture, grass texture, a tree and its textures, grass (2d planes), a rock texture, and finally animated water. the water is actually the water from yo frankie just tweaked a bit, but i plan on making my own from scratch as soon as I learn how.

Linkxgl also fixed up the camera, it’s really smooth and awesome, as well as some other minor things. :cool:

I’ll leave a pic of the latest test level progress (brick texture, ice texture, and wood textures on box arent mine) and might record a short video showing the new stuff off.

Great work so far guys. I actually have a terrain file with splatting I would like to show you. But for now I could only upload 2 low poly models. I have been looking at projects for awhile waiting to find one that fit my interest. I am capable of doing concept art also.

concept peice, a work in progress:rolleyes:

Hey Redikann, I would love you to join our team, but you need to realize that the project isn’t really stable. Over the months of July and August, it will be more than it is now… I’m sure Karl already messaged you about that.

However, if you do want to join, just remember progress is slow while I’m busy with school :confused: It should be a little bit better if you just contribute (Concept Art mostly) whenever you have the time! :slight_smile:

I’ll give you access to google docs soon, I just need to fix/organize them up a little bit! The google docs should give you an idea of what the game is about and what kind of concept art we need!

Very nice piece, by the way.


This project looks awesome! Animation is seamless, good job!