Fake a UFO

Hey guy’s I had a great idea, what if we had a challenge or somthing where we try to create the most realistic UFO photo. Good idea?

Most definitely fits in the contests forum.

Wow! I must be clueless or somthin’, never seen this forum. Thanks guys!

This sounds like a good one. Are there any rules yet or is it still in the planning stage.

Do I have to a do a ship or can I do an alien?

If your alien fly, it will be ok :wink:

Yeah just straight up UFO animation stills, whatever, just try to make it more like the photoss of ufos instead of the compex, hollywood, sleek stuff.

Well here’s one I made today. Anyone got any ideas on majing it better?

O No it’s an invasion!!! WHAAAAAAAAAA hide! get your weapons! To your battlestations! Code Red, I repeat Code Red!!! aaaargh!

What kind of restrictions are there? Does just the UFO have to be done in Blender or the whole project? Is photoshopping allowd?

Nice idea :slight_smile:
Here’s mine:
They’re going to catch you!

The only restictions are you have to use Blender for the ufo. You can use any postpro as well.

Okay, so obviously I put about 15 minutes of effort into this, but that’s about all the longer my attention span is.

hmm im not very happy with this one but ive just made it so i might aswell post it

here is mine:

can you add post pro effects?

Yep Post pro is ok.
That’s a rather impresive one.

Heres my entry or whatever you call it first contest ive post in so i ent sure but anyways heres it is i regard my photoshop skills ok but not brilliant i dont think i done to bad but not brilliant





Second entry.

Jack, that’s amazing!

How do you guys get the ufo’s t be behind the scenery??

(i know, its a dumb question)

Any tutorials on doing this with blender?

I think I know. He cut out pieces of the background image, made the things around those pieces transperent, uv mapped them to a plane and made it to turn at the camera