Fake bpy module (For Code Auto-completion on IDE)

Sorry about my question as I am a complete noob, but, I opened my “C:\Users\evand\AppData\Roaming\Code\User\settings.json”
It already has:


"python.pythonPath": "C://Users//evand//AppData//Local//Programs//Python//Python37//python.exe"


If I try to add


"python.autoComplete.extraPaths": [



It gives an error “End of File Expected”.
If I try to add to the same bracket:

What am I doing wrong? Wrong settings.json file? Wrong formatting? Wrong everything?

Mixed separators. Always use \\ on windows withing commas in vscode. So your paths should turn


If I’m not mistaken. Moved to windows just recently.

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Thanks! I indeed missed the double slash.
I also saw how a json file is formatted and managed to do it. I had to add a comma after the pythonpath adress bracket.


"python.pythonPath": "C://Users//evand//AppData//Local//Programs//Python//Python37//python.exe",

"python.autoComplete.extraPaths": "C://Users//evand//AppData//Local//Programs//Python//Python37//Lib//site-packages//fake_bpy_module_2.80"


@Nutti Is there going to be a fake-bpy-module-2.83 soon? I’m using 2.82 for now but there are things like bpy.context.workspace that are missing from 2.83.


Sorry for late response.
We’re preparing the release for 2.83.

Recently, I launched the slack channel for fake-bpy-module.
If you’re interested in this, you can join this channel.
We’re going to announce the release at this channel.

Recently, we moved to blender.chat.
fake-bpy-module channel can be found in below link.

Feel free to join this channel.

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The derived project of fake-bpy-module (fake-bge-module ) is now launched.
fake-bge-module project focuses on UPBGE.