fake foton caustics mapping

(blengine) #1

haha, well, i had to give it a name didnt i??

reg caustics test:

strate on light:

light at an angle:

color caustics test:




animated caustics test:

it was all blender…
i made the caustics maps myself and it only took about 5 minutes for each and was increidbly easy to apply(threw a spotlight) and u can also change its brightness, and color and size in a snap…

i was tinkering with mayas caustics for about an hour before i got anything to show yesterday, and believe it or not, the caustics i have here were better than the result i got in maya =D
im creating a library of caustic maps and posting a tute on my site soon if anyone is interested…to make the maps, i am using real glasses to study off of so the result will be close to real…
for each glass ill make 2 maps, strate on caustics, and light at an angle caustics

ill be making much sharper brighter color caustic maps to use…consider this a beta :wink:

what do u think? seriously?


(ScottishPig) #2

Quite interesting… you do mean PHOTONS, right?

(Dittohead) #3

WOW that’s awesome!!! :smiley:

Where’s yer site?

(LohnS) #4

WOW man, thats amazing!!!

Definately the best invention for Blender yet. More, NEO wants MORE!!!

(blengine) #5


i dont have this stuff up yet…i just started it this morning…im probably gonna rework all the maps, and especially remake the color maps to be sharp and real like refracting water caustics… ill at least have some blends and a small caustics library up by the end of today =D

sp, good eye, good eye :wink:

(CurtisS) #6

Can you post one of the caustic maps here so we can get an idea of how they were created?
Cool work! Who the hell needs Maya anyway! :wink:

(blengine) #7


heres the straight on light on a square glass with indented edges…ill try to cover every type of glass that i can 8)

(mrmunkily) #8

do you paint them or are they somehow generated?

(blengine) #9

i painted them myself in photoshop

(S68) #10

Really nice,

we would like a tut on that :slight_smile:


(meb1617) #11

cool looks really good! keep up the good work


(dickie) #12

i always learn something from you Chris!
that’s excellent! looking forward to the tuts.

(paradox) #13

Yes I’m impressed. Good idea on how to do. Looking forward to the tutes.
But you have given me ideas already.


(rogerm3d) #14

Really nice looking their
Wheres the button to enable that in blender? :wink:

(eeshlo) #15

Looks good! Does the caustics patterns change when you move lights? Or do you have to create the textures every time? Of course I Like the noise effect too…

(blengine) #16

eeshlo…i was about to say no…but then i got an idea! hehehe…it may not be good, il ltry it asap and post an animation =D thanks fer the inspiration :smiley:

(blengine) #17

hey it worked better than i would have thought =D

i have both sets of caustics shinging out of spotlights, and i just adjusting the energy ipo depending on the angle it is at to make it blend into another angle =D

not bad, not perfect, but not bad :wink:

(theeth) #18

Just thought I would join in the fun :smiley:

That’s from the caustics tut I did for the CJ a long time ago. I just remade it a little bit.

I think a great way to build the caustics light map is to take the spotlight that shines as active camera, save a snapshot and use it a reference.

I didn’t do the image maps by hand though, they are pure Blender halos (that’s why they are a bit crappy).

imgranpaboy: I really like the animated one, it’s awesome!


(S_W) #19

Great idea! Simple, but it works fine! :smiley:

(GSF) #20

I was surfing your site for a bit. I think that it’s cool that you made that video tute for a relatively free price…cool.