Fake GI and glow.

Using some post pro glow(from Blender nodes) and some fake GI, for practice. This is pretty fun. It took 25 minutes to render, but that’s because I used quite a few raytraced things.


I’m not so much going for realisim. I’m going for my own style, mostly to the end of animation of a show or something. Practicing some faking to make my rendertimes faster. If anyone wants the blend, just shout out!

Yes please. How did you fake the GI? Is there any way to get the light smoother on the wall?

Look for the tiny link that says “Save to your PC: click here”. Near bottom of blue box.

There you go.

How did you fake the GI?
You use lamps were light would bounce.

Is there any way to get the light smoother on the wall?
I have no clue what you’re talking about.


Cornell box. Anyone want a tutorial? I’m not super good, but I may be of assistance. I’m not sure if my tutorial would be of help to anyone. But, if you think it may be, just say so.

They use the same concept in the Unreal Editor. Since realtime radiosity is still a long way off, you can click an area and add a radiosity type light. Brilliant stuff there though… I would say with your original image there should be a little more red coming off the ball maybe. That’s a tiny knit-picky thing though, very good lighting.


negative on the ball needing more red light from it.
it’s good how it is, because it’s not in the direct sunlight.

however, you need to make the sunlight significantly brighter; sunlight is really very bright.

Yeah I agree with Spacetug. The sun light is a not bright enough.
Overall though i like it, very nice.

You look like you are suffering from too little geometry at the top sides of the ceiling though - dark patches etc.

Did some more changes.


While I’m making this, I’m listening to some ambient music. It’s like I can feel the sun on my face.

Added some nodes, color correction, specular glare, changed lighting some, and added texture.

@DMRadford: Real-time radiosity is probably just a year away. There is the Octane renderer, which is physically correct, that uses the GPU to render in almost real-time.


Look at the first video, “Tutorial: Octane Render 1.0 Overview & Getting Started Video”, 2 minutes in you’ll see the almost real-time renders.


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That looks miles better. Could we see that blend?

easy on the glow its blowing away all you details

That is amazing. Yeah, let’s see the blend!
That is seriously awesome realism.

Here’s the blend. I’m still working on it. If you want to show some pics, that’d be cool.