fake GI awsomness (.blend included)

after playin around with AAO, the blur node and compositing nodes i got these descent GI images. its not perfect, but i figure someone might have use for it :yes:


Fake_GI.blend (254 KB)

That’s pretty good result!
Thanks for sharing!
What are the limitations of using this effect?

Nice setup man, very useful.

One of the limitations are you can not get an alpha out of the blurred AO pass. If that matters…

Wow I didn’t think anyone was gona reply to this thread but wow! as for limitations I’m not really sure what limitations there might be cause i havnt played around with it much since i made so you’ll all just have to play around with it, but thank you all for you’r comments! Atom what did you mean by not being able to get alpha out of the blured AO pass?